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I've always wondered though about those black wetsuits. Aren't they seal-looking like? I saw an ad the other day for a white and blue "camouflage" wetsuit and a striped "anti-shark" suit. Is there anything to that?

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Thank you for this AMA - it is fascinating!

It looks like you will be answering questions here on this AMA over the course of the mission - is that correct?

All the news about marine trash and pollution is highly disturbing.

--How much litter do you see in your location, a federally protected sanctuary?

--Where are the worst places for marine trash? The best? How do US waters compare to other places?

--What do you believe is the most effective way to reduce marine trash & litter?

I'm sharing this AMA link with/r/oceans!

EDITS: I can't bullet :-/

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Areas where I'd think almost everyone can benefit is cleaner energy production and higher efficiency (if you are making money from oil/coal etc or selling electricity, maybe not so much). Clean energy causes less pollution and has less to no health impacts, etc.

It is frustrating to me that there is not more universal support for research and development of clean, renewable energy. Yes - some losers - but as in any advance or shift, there are winners and losers. Why should oil/gas producers get protection?

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Awareness about the issues is important too. Please join /r/oceans to read up on oceans issues, post and discuss.

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Meteorologists hold a special place of trust with local communities. I was happy to see Obama reach out to them recently.

Is there are way to raise awareness about climate change as part of your reporting? I know Eric Holthaus is doing this, but what about local tv weather reporters and reports?