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  1. The last nine (Conservative Party) years have brought massive changes to Immigration, Refugee/Asylum, & Citizenship law in Canada. The general theme of the changes has been a focus on enforcement, the limitation of appeal rights, restrictions on access, and a decrease in procedural fairness.

  2. It depends what you mean by 'many' there are some, but they are a small minority.

  3. I'd like a new government with the coming election, as a lawyer and as a Canadian who cares about justice.

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It depends, only 'persons' are eligible to apply. I'd fight that battle first.

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Right - Canada treats impaired driving very seriously. He will be eligible to apply for the Minister's Approval of Rehabilitation after 5 years has elapsed from the expiry of his sentence. In some cases, he will be 'deemed' to be rehabilitated after 10 years have passed.

In the interim, he can apply for a Temporary Residence Permit [TRP] in order to enter Canada prior to his eligibility date. This is a discretionary form of relief for someone who is inadmissible to Canada but it may be issued in your friend's case.

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If you are eligible (a big if these days) to process could take as little as 8-10 months. What you need in order to greatly increase your chances is a permanent job offer in a position the the Cdn government has decided is sufficiently in demand that your hiring will not take that opportunity away from a qualified Canadian.

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In addition to your age & degree you will also need work experience in your field. If you have that you should think about getting your academic credentials assessed to ensure that they equivilate to a Canadian degree & take an English test. Then you'll have a better sense of your prospects.