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Is it necessary to have any qualifications for producing a show about ancient aliens and if not, is it a coincidence that you don't?

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I have heard that is the/a major source of opiates: people stealing like from their grandmas -- made me stop even considering buying pills.

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This was a central idea in The Night Of and Naz will never forget his mistake, not ever.

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You know, many of us don't work nearly 8 hours. Often there are walks, coffee breaks and sometimes people flat out only spend 7 or less hours at work. I sure hope your boss understands this. Make your good hours count is what I have learned because I get tired as heck; I save the simple stuff for the late afternoon.

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Who's the oldest person that you recall meeting in your youth? Anyone born before 1830? Also, who's the most famous person you ever saw or met?