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Kickstarter for Luc Besson? I'm in.

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Heck, that's a cool idea. I'd show it to everyone and slowly say "Multipass". Well.. maybe not everyone.

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Did you ever get hit on or even stalked by clients?

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Aaaah. You made me sad today. :(
.. still my favorite director/movie maker.

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Hi Lazar!

Thank you for sharing your story, it is truly inspirational! Now I want to go to the remote areas on Baffin Island, northern Canada and Alaska even more than before. Karakorum is on my list but I'm anxious about going to Pakistan as a Westerner. The eye of the Sahara is now on my list as well, especially because I wanted to go to Morocco for a long time. Personally I've been to Nepal twice, but not off the beaten tracks. Nevertheless those were the most memorable trips of my life.

I have one question only: How old are you? :)

I'm nearing 40 myself and hope to see as much of the world as possible and by any chance places that only few people have seen or visited.