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I knew my mother had some textbooks laying around and took at look at them after reading you answer here. First page i opened was Steven-Johnson Syndrome on a 2 year old girl. Not touching those books again

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If you would have to advertise your book to people who typically don’t work on computers all day, e.g. mechanics, farmers, non-tech-teachers etc. what would be your argument to start learning python ?

100k+1 , also obligatory greetings from Germany

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Thanks for the great answer :) Just bought your book a couple minutes ago, actually stumbled across your IAma while browsing r/python for recommendations and found a comment of yours. I’m a aviation mechanic myself, got interested in coding through early iPhone-Jailbreak Lua scripts and an unhealthy amount of Zachtronics games.

I mainly want to automate some of the stupid amount of paperwork I have to do for work. Changing parts for 15mins is sometimes followed by an hour of documentation, most of it being predictable and repetitive copy-pasting

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any advise for my "obnoxious german" brother ? :D he'll leaving in a few weeks and bothering you and your people for a few months. any tips i could give him for not annoying everyone on the first encounter ?

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Dann lass dich mal mal in den Raum Köln/Düsseldorf/Mönchengladbach versetzen. Nachtfahrten hier sind manchmal echt ein Abendteuer für sich. Habe mir aus genau diesen Gründen letztes Jahr ne Dashcam zugelegt, kann den nächsten Kandidaten gerne mal in voller Länge dokumentieren und dir zuschicken.