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Loved what you guys did!

Any reason why you chose Majora's Mask for your inspiration? Is it just your favorite Zelda? Or was it the artistic elements of the game with the story, atmosphere, and music that made you want to create your own interpretation?

Keep doing what you guys are doing! I look forward to your future work!

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Hi Mikel. Loved the book and record!

I wanted to ask you about the song All These Engagements (my favorite on the record). Are you singing it from the perspective of your child self learning about love from your birth mother and how did you come up with the phrase "All these engagements and lovers spit"? It seemed like you were very confused about what real love felt like.

Also side question: Favorite Modest Mouse song?

Thanks Mikel! Peace and Love to you and the Jollett clan!

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Night on the Sun is indeed, the best Modest Mouse song.