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I actually really enjoy my job. I get paid well and I don't have to deal with Colorado climates. (Sucks when is nice outside)

I've done all kinds of surveying the past 12 years, can't say it's the best type, but I can say is not the worst.

Very spooky as a newbie working downstairs. But I'm becoming more careful and accustomed to the creaks and groans of mother earth. Just tonight I had a roof collapse less that 6' (just under 2 meters) away.

We have a workers protection entity in the US called MSHA (Mining Safety Health Association) so it's over the top regulated. We see go to the last legal area in every section, everyday. Nobody can go as far in as us.

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I don't test the air, I just measure how far they get and keep them straight. We have monitors on our person that test the air.

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I've done cadastral, construction, mining claims and civil design...among others.

We're nowhere where they used to be, but we sell roughly 5 million tons a year.

I'm very curious what the future holds...😕

My family doesn't exactly root me on, but I feel safe, so it helps them calm down.

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Yes. We have several Refuge Bays in all the sections and escape routes. We also have SCSR (self contained self resuers) caches as well.

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I stay at one mine. Anthracite is a bit higher quality and drier I believe.