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How do you feel about the extension of the Patriot Act? Edit: I would also like to hear your opinion on whether you believe that citizens should have the right to defend themselves against the police by means of audio or video recording.

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usually the one's we're not making fun of seem to have a better sense of humor

So, democrats then?

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I did have a particular question about title VIII of the PATRIOT Act. Do you believe that the U.S government is labeling Julian Assange a "terrorist" as defined in title VIII. By releasing documents that could have led to american deaths overseas, do you think this constitutes a violation of the patriot act. If not, how do you feel about Julian Assange's treatment as a "terrorist?" What about Bradley Manning?

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Hey man, check these guys out. Their an organization that helps protest the WBC, and the do it for free. It may be too short notice, but chances might be good that they already have this funeral on their schedules to help out with. You should see if you can contact them. Theyre called the Patriot Guard http://www.patriotguard.org/

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Right, but, how many times does that actually happen? I'm not saying it doesn't, but for the most part, it rips on republicans. Which I'm fine with because its funny.