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That's such a neat way to do therapy!

Have you looked into other brands of tabletop roleplay games? There's a game called "Masks: a New Generation" which is teen superhero themed, and instead of hit points you check off one of five emotional conditions (afraid, angry, guilty, hopeless, and insecure). For example if the villian hits you then you might decide it made you feel insecure because you couldn't protect yourself.

If you have a condition it gives a negative to some of your rolls, so there's incentive to clear them. To 'heal' another player has to do a move called comfort and support to talk to you about your feelings and see if you open up and share a vulnerability. Or you can do self destructive things which affect everyone else and the story, such as run away to clear the afraid condition.

Everyone I've played with has found it is such a good learning tool for working with relationships in the real world and learning to talk about feelings in a productive way. Also it's a fun game!

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Awesome, I ordered a physical copy last week too! It is really fun, and the group storytelling is superb.

I've found myself in so many real life situations where I could work through social problems because of my experiences with Masks. It would be so beneficial and engaging for kids do to therapy and emotional learning with it.

All of my GMs have said it really walks you through every step of running the game and is super easy to run with barely any prep work. I hope it works out in your practice!