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have you ever been in a secret/classified mission?

edit if yes, tell about! same with next question!

do you know of the existence of some chemical/bio stuff that regular people don't?

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Cool! So, are you allowed to talk about such things I asked?

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No worries, thanks for replying, myte.

Here's a couple new questions:

Which chemistry/physics/biology did you need to study in order to be a certified biohazard?

What's the most exciting aspect of your job? What do you like the most or find more interesting?

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Cool, I appreciate your answers!

If you don't mind, these are the last ones!

Do you travel a lot? inside the USA? other countries? what's the most exciting place you've been? And what's the most difficult situation you've been in?

edit also, is there some thing you don't like about your job? some thing you would like to change, despite you accept it as part of your job?

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Hahaha! damn... sometimes media is everything except communication resource. Six cameras on you are definitely an obstacle. Thanks for your time, myte. Cheers!