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I've noticed that among many Americans, there is still a lot of bigotry towards Muslims around the world and in the United States, so I don't think these revelations will have the impact that the Snowden revelations or others have had (I hope I am wrong). What is the best rebuttal to the idea that "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear," in order to combat this bigotry?


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Thanks Ohanian

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What is your opinion on Israel now that you have lived in the Middle East. How is the Palestinian population in Jordan treated?

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Marhaba, I am a Syrian-American from Al-Hasakah. How does the "revolution" and your comrades feel about Alawites, Arab Christians, Assyrians, and Kurds?

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With all due respect, Syria used to have a large middle class, but the neo-liberal policies that helped the wealthy helped to destroy it.

And no, Christians don't have irrational fears because of what has been "planted in them." They have legitimate fears because what is happening to them, which is their expulsion and eratication. I come from an Assyrian family who isn't sided with Assad and already have had cousins killed, and kidnapped by the rebels. Most of them have fled their homeland or are trying to leave. On fact, Christians in Raqqa now have to live under Sharia and are not allowed to practice openly and are extorted from.