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edit: the more I think about this question the funnier it gets. I'm guessing the question was looking for something like, afraid I broke some eggs or pecked by a swan or dive bombed by a bald eagle or something. Of course, Sir David then pulls out the closest living thing to a Velociraptor.

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I have this image in my mind that you're about two feet taller than he.

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Busywork people can be such idiots.

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You're there as much to watch it as do it. Like a human e-stop.

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That long?

One of my favorite documentaries was a Nova episode entitled "Death Star" (not Death of a Star). About the history of GRBs and how they were initially discovered (by the NSA/NRO of all outfits!)

Is it because of the proximity of Betelgeuse to Earth that it will be visible so long?