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Cant this be done with a bunch of cheap IP cameras and some panic buttons?

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So you have a 0.9 percent chance you end up getting it in your life?

You tripled the odds then right?

Im not trying to be a weenie, im sincerely curious.

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Thanks for the detailed answers. Its a nice change from all the others that tried to get us to buy their book for more information.

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Real world problems. Sure bud saving ten bucks on my monthly bill is sure a real world problem.

I wish you good luck with your investment.

Also if you quote me do it right.

The ICO is still going? I don't care. Released coin? I don't care. Is it used? I do care.

Also the fact you think 16 people with prestigious studies cant fuck up made me put a smile on my face.

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What are you saying?

Sorry mate I am still thinking about the fact 16 studied people could fuck up this ama so bad they ruined their product in front of thousands of people at once.

Also saying that your country has the one of the highest prices in electricity just shows how ignorant you are about prices in the rest of this world. I let you know that most of Western Europe pays a lot more.

What I paid in 2011 for electricity is the average of the Australian in 2016. Very expensive indeed.