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Seems like a great app but honestly the ads are so annoying that I can't use it for more than a few minutes. I would be happy to pay a couple bucks for an ad-free version and the sooner the better. Or you might consider offering an ad free version for early adopters like those of us in this thread.

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Yes, the native ads are a lot less annoying; I'd go with those throughout, if that's your only easy option. That said, as someone who always gets the ad-free version of any app I use regularly, I won't check the app out until there are no ads, and I suspect there are many users like me. If you don't make another big publicity splash when that's rolled out, I'll likely forget about the app, which is why I'd suggest putting out an ad-free apk for /r/android folks, to start generating loyalty and engagement. As you add features and squash bugs, folks will want to upgrade anyway, so it's not as though you're giving it away for free in the long term. Personally, I don't mind paying a reasonable price, so I suggest this not out of cheapness, but because I believe many folks just can't stand 15% of their browsing experience being taken up by a flashing ad.

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Hey, cool site! Couple questions: where's Southeast Asia? Great snacks there. How about India / South Asia? China? It seems like the vast majority of Asia is missing from your "Asia" section.