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I just discovered you, your channel, and your new show all thanks to this AMA. The system works. I've watched multiple shorts already and have to say these clips touch me in places I haven't been touched in since my grandfather passed away.

With everyone in the world being offended by everything, I'm jelly of your ability to just say fuck it and do what makes you laugh and what you love. I like you, and I also hate you.deep in the penis hate you because of thr jealousy.

So my question is, has it been difficult dealing with any backlash or disconnect from family? Any big disagreements about these thoughts you have in your mind that make it to video?

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Fantastic. I’ll download CELTX and see how I like it. I have a lot written out that I wanted to make into a book but I think I can do better with it as a script. Thank you and congrats on your movie! Can’t wait to watch it.

jomunjie10102 karma

Holy fucking hell i am dying here. Got to Dom arguing with his manager about not giving a shit about family and can’t stop laughing already. Cant wait to finish reading this.

This is also the first script I’ve ever read and while I’ve tried writing before, I have no idea where to start on formatting scripts.

How did you learn to put these in the right format and if there is a software that helps, which do you enjoy the most?

Thanks for sharing! Happy to have discovered you. I’ll watch your movie tonight. Added it to my watch list last night but settled in The Art Of Self Defense. But your next!!