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Dr. Farrell, first let me just thank you for your work. The Myth of Male power was an incredible book that articulated many things that should have been obvious, but were far from it. You are an intellectually brave and compassionate man, and I'm grateful for the kind and tolerant model you provide for younger men.

Two questions:

1) In your recent lecture at University of Toronto, you mentioned "a PR agency's 2012 survey of almost half a million online subscribers asked the following question: 'Assuming you were a virgin, and you decided to sell your virginity, what realistically would be your asking price?" You reported that the average woman respondent valued her virginity at $10,000,000, and the average male answer was $1000 - a 900,000% gap between the sexual self worth of a man and a woman.

I've since tried to find more details on that survey, and have had no luck. Do you remember who conducted it, and where I might learn more?

2) Are there any plans to publish the myth of male power in an electronic format?

Thank you.

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There's an interesting proposition that David Brin put forth that seems very related to what you are describing. edit: the proposition is that righteous indignation is pleasurable and addictive

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Hi Cassie Thank you for doing an AMA. I couldn't completely tell from your preview, but did you distinguish between activist arms and academic arms of the respective movements when you were searching out people to talk to? AVFM might be best contrasted with Jezebel, for instance...