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Learning to learn is a skill in itself. Most of the top poker players are pros at another game like scrabble for instance.

In my experience, learning to learn is a skill applicable to everything from cooking to weightlifting

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well... duh. You can't argue math with people who don't believe in math though, so save your breath.

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Why do I think this is ultimately what propels this technology into the mainstream? Rich kids wanting to eat mammoth steak...

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The unfortunate fact is that business don't hire felons not because they aren't able to assess the trustworthiness of the individual - it is because of legal liability. If you hire someone with a record and something does go wrong, it opens you up to a lot more problem. From this respect, a pot business is unfortunately the same as any other.

This is actually the part of the system that needs to be dismantled - as long as we treat people like animals with a "1 bite rule", people will behave like animals.

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Assuming you aren't trolling - the point is to not have cis be thought of as "normal" and trans be thought of as weird. The dynamic before was you're either normal or trans. Now it's you're either cis or trans.

Of course this terminology is to reveal inherent biases in thinking for ordinary people who think they are open minded. If you are a queer basher then it probably won't do much for you.