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johnspidey50 karma

Hi Alex, Absolutely love the show. I'm going to fire off a few and hope to hear from you!

  • What is your favourite yes, yes, no?
  • Have you talked to Kamal recently?
  • Do you guys ever not have a good time doing the show?
  • Is anyone at Gimlet still getting phished?
  • Followup question - can I get your email and passwords?

Thanks again. Your team is awesome. Definitely one of my favourite Gimlet shows!

johnspidey9 karma

Zeus troan is totally a thing and is totally the worst virus out there. Way worse than those pesky trojans!

johnspidey4 karma

I did but had to verify it with a phone number. I so wanted to just use the matchbox420 password but felt a little odd letting people log in and grabbing my number. Any suggestions to get a different phone number and I'm ready to open it up!