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Do you think there's an education bubble similar to the housing bubble that burst in 08? It seems like a huge percentage of people are receiving a college education at a very high financial burden. Higher than their earning potential. People are given loans regardless of aptitude, or the ability to earn enough income in their chosen fields to service these loans. It seems like this has all become a feeding frenzy being conducted in the same style as the real estate industry prior to the collapse.

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He must remember the great depression, and probably has some thoughts about how we got into that depression and how we got out. What does he think about the distribution of wealth now in America? Does he think the wealthy need to pay more taxes?

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Since a small bag of dog food weighs 10lbs, he's eating a little more than half of one of those per day. Which also means he's probably producing 5lbs of shit each day.

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I'll have to defer to your dog shit calculus. Sounds legit.

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What about the accusations that Svoboda are Nazi's? This seems to be the biggest knock against the new government in Kiev.