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This was a shill answer.

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Also a conservative, and I think there are three important bits of information that could help answer this question.

  1. National debt should be measured by percentage of GDP, and our debt as measured by percentage of GDP isn't that bad compared to most countries.

  2. You don't really ever have to pay it back. If your economy continues to grow (GDP growth), then you can continue to borrow. Virtually all countries, and many large corporations, operate on this principle. Borrow money, invest it wisely (roads and schools should be top priorities), then borrow more and invest that wisely. Obviously you can't borrow infinitely, but you can borrow indefinitely.

  3. We probably can raise taxes on the very wealthy quite a bit, and there are plenty of tax loopholes (cap gains tax versus income tax, payroll tax caps at ~115000, weird taxes on incentive based pay) that we can close. Plus, we really could just raise the income tax on incomes of over 1,000,000/year. Rich people mostly just save their money anyway, they're not often really using it to boost the economy. After all, why do you think they're so rich?

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Is this some kind of scam, are you also a nigerian prince?

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I think it's more about political pressures than anything else.

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Have you considered maybe an app that ties in with an already existing service available? Like maybe something that integrates with snapchat to produce a sweet e-card?