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Do you think we're not watching you cherry-pick the questions you answer?

Do you think it doesn't raise a huge cloud of suspicion over you?

Do you think this AMA was really a good idea?

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What’s it like to have a marketing ploy backfire on you?

This is my personal favorite.

What's yours?

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Are you making money from this?

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What did you have for breakfast yesterday?

My oldest son lost his battle with addiction just before Christmas after an 11 year battle. He also served time, thanks to doing stupid shit to feed the addiction.

I am praying for your parents that they never know what this feels like. I wish you the best in your battle, and I hope you stay clean.

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With all due respect, I think the bulk of the people are protesting. The people that are rioting and looting are the exception.

If what you (we) see is rioting and violence, that's no different than viewing every law enforcement officer as racist white guys murdering minorities, primarily African Americans.