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Not only that, if we find a way to manufacture a good portion of what we need to colonize Mars on the moon, moving it off the surface of the moon to space would be much cheaper than escaping earths surface.

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lol best answer of the ama

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Carbon taxes seem so counterintuitive. I believe they make sense as a corporate tax and even as a personal tax assuming you exceed a certain amount of carbon footprint. But a base carbon tax across the board just increases the cost of living for everyone and it’s not equitable. The government I believe would be way more successful putting money towards helping people transition away from non renewables.

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While sure all humans are capable of positive contributions I don’t believe all or even most will be even with enhanced opportunity. Im not saying I don’t think ubi isn’t possibly a good thing, but the idea that everyone will be a positive contributor given more opportunity I think is a bit far fetched even removing people with mental or physical disabilities.

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To be fair the cost of goods went up because of supply chain issues, reduced demand which led to a reduce in supply to now an increase in demand on a now reduced supply. This could be fixed in a number of ways, increase supply again to match but why would companies do that when they can make the same or higher profits with the reduced supply. Until supply catches up and exceeds demand, prices are going to stay high and as of now there’s no motivation for companies to increase supply or decrease cost.