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johnnyblaaze9 karma

Hey Keith, Ive been watching your work for a while and I have some questions. English is my 2nd language.

First of all, I am jn Quebec Zone 5. I was wondering what kind of land I should acquire. You seem to have a lot of wood area so Id guess that would be a good start. However, around here, people selling land sell higher because of the "cut it all down to make firewood and make a profit mentality". How did you acquire your land? What is a good price?

I plan of living in a homestead in 5 years. We talk about this a lot. I make 70k+ ish a year, a few debts but nothing major, pretty good at not spending money. My girlfriend is a professional beekeeper and combined with our knowledge in broad biology (a degree + masters) I think we could pull this off. I also reoriented myself and Im getting pretty good at manual work and metalwork.

I am rambling off here but thanks a lot for providing unique content like this. It is very inspiring.