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I've literally told them my lat-lon a dozen times because they have my postcode flagged at someone's house 500yd down the road. I have to speak to or even sometimes chase the driver up the road, or miss my goods. It sucks. Drivers also tell me this is the nth time this has happened and they're sat there phoning the office again

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Have you heard of Credder, which flags suspicious/propaganda/fake news with ratings, allowing users to form their own opinion of bias? What way do Newsvoice and Credder difffer/

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All of the websites you name are gonna be hosted on Amazon Web Services, or at least rely on AWS for a crucial part of their online processing. It's unavoidable. Get the picture yet?

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Great answer. All the best with it, wil get a copy in!

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Is Dominic Cummings still earning out of the NHS video call company he failed to declare a few years ago? Are there any plans to end the practices of conflict of interest with contracts involving high profile politicians and the NHS?