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Here, let me fix this response in a manner that will appease Redditors, since i know what Mr. Zombie was actually thinking:

"That is an excellent question, and one that I have spent many nights pondering. Let me answer this from several angles. On the one hand, I'm always very touched when fans tell me about the impact that My Music And Art have had on their lives, and I know for me personally, 'Thunder Kiss '65' holds a very special meaning in my life, as it is a reflection on where I was in life at that time.

"On the other hand, advocating for motorist safety is one of my great passions, and unfortunately I cannot condone dangerous vehicle speeds under any circumstances. The number one cause of death in America is car accidents, and I have dedicated much of my life to reducing this to, like, the number two cause. So please be safe out there!

"So, I guess, no, I don't feel bad about this. Thank you for your question, and please go see 31!"

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Can also confirm. Was also a valet in college; somehow Porsche drivers (911, not Boxster) were the worst all around. Not only were they cheap, but they were the most likely to be douchebags and say things like, "You better not scratch my car!" I'd parked Bentleys and Aston Martins, but your 911 is so special?

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WTF? What state is this? AT least in California, we get a wage too.

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You seem more like a dune buggy.

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So I assume you are in line to play a crazy female rival on Marry Me? This pretty much has to happen, right?