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I’m running a small business, buying from China sometimes. Really a piss in the ocean compared to wal mart.. What can I do to really know my products origin and how they’re manufactured? I don’t have the budget or power to do unannounced visits.. and whatever certificate I ask for I can always get, doesn’t mean shit tbh.. what could I do?

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I wish, but really were too small.. in order for your suggestion to be realistic, we would need a somewhat constant manufacturing process ongoing in China. With the small quantities we’re ordering we could never even know as of when a truck would be going somewhere with our stuff in it.. our quantity maybe is 2-3 truckloads per year. Too little, but enough to me to loose sleep. I’ve never even been to China. I know the answer is: we can’t. But this is perhaps something that should be discussed? What would happen eventually if all major businesses move out of labor camps? They wouldn’t close, instead they would rely on getting business elsewhere (from me).. until I become big enough to be able to oversee. Then I’d be replaced as a customer by another smaller one.. ain’t this really a root of the problem, or a catch 22 if you will ? Sorry for this being more of a rant than a question, I guess I was hoping to hear an easy answer to a hard question. And I realize the big companies is the big problem, but that’s not enough for me to push away my own responsibilities on those.. I still consider myself having a greater responsibility than a casual shopper..

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Another valid question! So far I’ve just seen one response from OP.. OP please respond thank you! You called for an AMA, don’t make a fool out of yourself.