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Do you distinguish between what you think of as "the best" films and what you think of as "your favourite" films? If so, what are you criteria?

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Can you give examples of a) a film you love but which you don't think is particularly good, and b) a film you think is great but which you don't particularly like?

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What are your thoughts about the way things have spawned out of 3E? Specifically, do you have feelings about the "Edition Wars" and the split between Pathfinder and 4E?

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Hi Buzz! This is a real honour; thanks for doing this.
Here's my question: I've heard a story (possibly apocryphal) that yourself, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins sat down to sign a bunch of notarized and dated autographs on the morning of the Apollo 11 launch, because it was essentially impossible to get you all life insurance and those autographs would be worth a fortune whatever happened. Is this true? If so, what did it feel like to be doing that, knowing the reason why? And what happened to all of those autographs?
Thank you so much!

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Haagen daas pineapple coconut

Among my favourite living drummers just showed himself to be a man of impeccable taste, quick wit, deep humility, and profound wisdom.