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The world is not ready for you. The rest of the worlds not like Australians. They're not that disgusting. Behave yourself. I'm on show here you idiot.

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Do I look like a map? You might be aware of a device called Google. Give it a stab, type in Melbourne interesting sites. Things to do. Images. Go nuts.

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I'll eat anything.

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This was very sad for me. I helped Quentin with his Aussie accent and he made a good fist of it. I was there for everything he said EXCEPT his very first line when he was getting something out of a saddlebag and he said "Shut up black" but he pronounced "black" bleck which is the South African way of saying it. So immediately everyone thought Quentin wasn't good at the accent. But if you watch it again, forget about the bleck and listen to the rest of it. He's pretty spot on.

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You keep your Spanish sausage in your pants pal.