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Dude you gotta release that chart as a website or something!

Edit: also in case you're reading this in your inbox, check out what someone posted in response to my comment

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People say this stuff as if being the life of the party is easy. It's not, and for many people it's so different from their personality that it's just not an option for them. Basically your friend is a different type of super attractive, but the same barriers apply.

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Add that as damages if you do a lawsuit. You should also think about taking this up in some way with the labor board. They can fuck shit up (in a good way). There are tons of labor laws and if they are not followed the fines can be significant and paid to you

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Not to mention the upvotes. How did this "success story" get 800 upvotes?? There was a thread recently where people suspected vote manipulation and I was skeptical but now...

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Read his answer - yes