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Frisbees fly using the same principle as aircraft wings. The frisbee would need to collapse under its own weight or break apart from centrifugal forces before it would be unable to fly (presuming it was scaled correctly and you had something powerful to throw it). If you built the frisbee out of aluminum or titanium, it could be as large as a 747 before having any structural problems--if it was designed correctly. There's really no limit to how large something can be before it can't fly, it's just a matter of how much thrust and how strong the object is.

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A lot of scientists are running for Congress in 2018. Here's an article about it.

The March for Science group started organizing last year with the goal of getting more scientists and more scientifically literate people involved in politics as well as (hopefully) elected.

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I don't know if it's any consolation, but I once witnessed a tiny bit of justice towards kids like that. I was on a group tour for young adults in Europe and there were two American women whose parents were apparently pretty wealthy. At a restaurant in Rome they were being their typical pretentious selves while ordering slices of pizza and were royally pissed that their pizza was cold. The guy behind the counter couldn't give less of a fuck. I was the next guy in line. My pizza was given to me nice and hot as was the next guy in line. He had heated our slices up in an oven while simply giving them theirs directly.

It's not much but hey, it's something. It's nice to know there's still people in the service industry who absolutely do not care how rich you are, won't put up with your shit and don't have to worry about their job for responding in kind.

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They explained it themselves in their original papers. Here's the one for Sanders. Here's the one for Trump.

Here's what Bernie said:

"For young people who have graduated high school or dropped out of high school, who are between the ages of 17 and 20, if they happen to be white, the unemployment rate is 33 percent," he said. "If they are Hispanic, the unemployment rate is 36 percent. If they are African-American, the real unemployment rate for young people is 51 percent."

And here's their summary:

Sanders said that for African-Americans between the ages of 17 and 20, "the real unemployment rate … is 51 percent." His terminology was off, but the numbers he used check out, and his general point was correct -- that in an apples-to-apples comparison, African-American youth have significantly worse prospects in the job market than either Hispanics or whites do. The statement is accurate but needs clarification or additional information, so we rate it Mostly True.

(his numbers came from the U-6 unemployment statistic)

Now here's Trump's quote:

"Our real unemployment is anywhere from 18 to 20 percent," Trump said. "Don't believe the 5.6. Don't believe it."

Here's their summary:

Setting aside his paranoia about the federal government cooking the books, Trump is off-base even if you give him the maximum benefit of the doubt. The highest official government statistic for under-employment is 10.8 percent -- roughly half as high as Trump says. And if you make a quick and dirty attempt to expand the scope of this measurement to include other Americans left uncounted in the standard statistics, there’s no plausible way to get it past 16 percent -- and even that’s stretching it. That’s well below the range Trump cited, so we rate the claim False.

They looked at the U-6 and U-7 numbers and considered various other scenarios. They simply couldn't get the numbers up to 18-20% no matter what. On top of that, Trump's entire point is to ignore the publicly given unemployment rate. He couldn't back up his point with any statistics which is why they considered it false. Bernie's point weren't the numbers, but the disparities of unemployment rates for different ethnicities (which is true for both the official unemployment rate and U-6 rate). On top of that, the rates he cited were actual Bureau of Labor Statistics, just not the appropriate one for the official unemployment rate. Bernie could have corrected his statement by simply saying the 'underemployment rate' instead of 'real unemployment rate'. Trump would have had to completely take back his statement. That's the difference.

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Whenever I do a search, I do the following:

1) Go here.

2) Type: "cute cats site:reddit.com"

Get the results instantly, and they're usually pretty close to what I was looking for.