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We deeply, deeply value free expression in this society, its enshrined as the very first thing in our bill of rights.

Would you support the rights of someone who draws cartoons of Mohammed? Or someone who has left the faith of Islam and criticizes it in deeply insulting terms?

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Why haven't we seen a push from professional communities against the Duluth model, especially as it has been legally enshrined, given that we can now say with a great deal of certainty that it is extremely flawed at best?

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He's not saying you are lying, he is saying a child has no place in an OR, and that whatever adults are allowing this are being irresponsible and most likely dishonest.

Not to be harsh, but thats how almost all medical professionals are going to react. Small errors can mean dead mothers, dead fathers, and dead children.

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Because she is pretty near a war criminal, and for better or worse her responses are considered by most to be rather offensive, given the depth of the horrors she shamelessly and unapologeticly supports.

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Love or hate the guy, he was quite a big deal. Achtung - Panzer! cannot be understated in its influence on modern military thought.