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Hank, Love all that you do. I have great respect for how you 'walk the walk'.

Are you okay with dealing with the many corporate type duties you must now handle like money and personnel matters, travelling schedules and major media frenzies? Are you prepared to be a media mogol?

Or would you just like to go back to making neat videos and not worry about the politics of big business?

I'm concerned that you and your brother don't get burned-out.

Thanks for all you do, An older-than-usual fan

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Your characters are among my favorite in all of Star Trek. Thank you for bringing them to life.

You've created so many very memorable characters. As you learned your acting craft, what best prepared you to embody such a wide variety of character types?

Also, the viewers are able to see you clearly emote despite all the makeup. How much of a problem is that? Did you have to slightly overact just to get through all the prosthetics?

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That's great to hear. You have the right attitude.

Keep giving them hell. You will lead the way to inserting a heart into Capitalism so that we keep our humanity and save the entire 'enterprise'.

Just please remember that you are human, don't overdo it. Take care of yourselves.