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I love special effects - especially the pre-CG stuff! Thanks for making what is basically magic. I got hooked when I understood how they made the hair grow in American Werewolf in London by pulling it through a latex skin and reversing the footage.

When you were a kid, what effects impressed you the most? What movies or scenes stick out? Are practical effects going away? I've heard that there is a desire from audiences to see more practical stuff, and I hope I am correct.

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Dr. Thomas Barnett in his TED talk, "Let's rethink America's military strategy" He compared soldiers and used ages to help differentiate the roles between kicking ass, and administration and handing out aid. He said war should be waged in two phases: kicking ass with the young, and keeping the peace with the old and experienced.

In your evaluation, does age and experience have anything to do with violent behavior?

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In what language?

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Ruoant, doth sounm :(