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I was born with 22 fractures. So I was diagnosed at birth.

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Yes. Like I said Price has the least severe type, and I think they have done a decent job getting most things right. However, I know many with OI are not pleased being associated with a villian. But in reality having a disability does not guarantee that you will also be a saint as well.

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Retail businesses could do a better job keeping isles free. Also it would be super helpful if hotels wouldn't keep putting trash cans in front of the exterior elevator buttons on each floor. Wheelchairs can't access those buttons when that happens. It seems like thats standard for the hotel industry. As for why elevators are so out of the way, I guess its because the shaft can't run up through main parts of the building so they keep them on the perimeter.

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A bunch of chumps if you ask me. LOL

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This is a good question. My bones fracture less now that I am an adult. A majority of a person with OI's fractures occur before puberty when the bones are still developing. After puberty they strengthen and the fractures are less. I am still not able to walk. But can be a little bit less careful now a days. But in the past I have fractured from something as small as coughing or sneezing.