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Hey Nu:Tone, thanks for this opportunity!

I'd like to know who your favourite producer is?

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Thanks for the answer. The politics has attracted me too, yet some of the xenophobia you mentioned has also put me off. I've heard about that in Scandinavia but I think it's the same for most of Europe. I'm from the U.K. and it's certainly the case here in some parts. I don't know if it's better or worse in Finland.

Hope you get some fortune soon to get the funds you need to visit your parents, I can imagine that's difficult.

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Hey! I've always been fascinated by Scandinavia and particularly Finland though I haven't actually managed to visit either yet. Despite that, I think it's the sort of place I'd love to live some day.

So my question is: Was it what you were expecting? The culture, the people, the way of life etc. And another question: Were you reluctant at all, moving to another country? Especially one so far away and relatively obscure compared to typical places people move to!

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Hi! I'm from the U.K. and about to start a Master's degree after just finishing as an undergrad. I'm thinking of doing a PhD after that and I can't think of anything more perfect than becoming a lecturer and teaching the subject I love. The only thing that is putting me off is the workload and increased amount of bureaucracy and marketisation of universities. The latter issue has particularly been something that my lecturers have said has put them off and one even stated it as a reason he retired. Are these problems that you have encountered yourself and, if so, how did you overcome them?