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Haha. I love this response. “Diversify and Pray” is about all you can do when shits falling apart.

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Does it ever seem like you’re on the same team as the hatemongers - the “good cop” who provides the human touch while the “bad cops” spread the divisive messages that are so effective?

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This thread makes my stomach churn. Injured people trying to work through a for-profit medical and insurance system is a perfect dystopian nightmare. While this particular insurance agent seems on the side of Nice Guy, you can see he’s got his own axes to grind with people he deems assholes. Meanwhile, to those assholes who are undergoing trauma, they’re less of an asshole but guess what / the system churns on, splintered bones and coagulating blood as lube, claims adjusters shrugging off their daily guilt with a fresh pot of coffee and some social media before the morning commute.

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The sheer numbers are staggering; are we somewhat resigned that a certain percentage of our population will choose this route? & assuming 2020 will ratchet up anxiety, and maybe every year after, how do you see your pursuit catching up?

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“And for my next desperate call for attention,” was too short an intro...