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What does it mean "ethically and fairly produced cotton"?

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How does that translates to a lower carbon footprint?

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He doesn't know and doesn't care. All that counts is him writing some fancy words, like organic cotton, EU strict laws, planting trees (no one knows where), workers getting paid with fair salary (like if he could sell t-shirts at 15£ and pay a good salary to anyone)

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Yep you are right, but advertising it it is different from actually implement it, and in an AMA that is the sort of things people would ask. Also, imagine a very poor family in india, no income and no food, and there comes this big company and provides a bad paying job. It is still better than the alternative of not having food on the table, even if it is a bad paying job. Not defending the big company, but just making a point that those big companies can do it and they are still helping people on a certain level. The chinese government actually helps big companies to do that, as it is a way of helping people, even though they are being exploited, it is better than the alternative. And I was asking if he could provide proof of what he is advertising.

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I bet you work hard, but man, listen up. You have a website, where you only have 4 items, sold at an astonishing price with a mediocre design. You say those people have great working conditions, and organic cotton and you plant trees. I have no proof those people are happy working in the cotton industry, I have no proof of your organic cotton (wich is actually much more harmfull to the enviornment), I have no proof you even plant trees. So, all you have done, could have been done by a 4th grade student, I mean you have a mask, a hootie, a t-shirt and a bag. A bad designed website, and that is not hard to do.. I could find a 8yo that would design 25 products in 3 hours. Your design is very weak, I am sorry for being sincere. You planted 243 trees, but that isn't even a thing man, all people are doing when buying with you is just simple charity, because you have nothing to offer. People don't buy a mask from you because it is organic cotton or because it looks cool, they use you to plant 3 trees and they think they are helping the enviornment. £31.95 for a hoodie and you plant 5 trees? There are better projects than that, I would pay £50 to plant 100 trees in lots of other ONGs, and buy a cool hoodie from NIKE that planted 1 000 000 trees by half the price (and now you say, well they don't use organic cotton, but I am pretty sure they do, in much larger quantities that you do, because maybe half of the cotton suppliers in the world don't have acess to any other kind of cotton farming). Don't make an excuse out of the enviornment man, your just fooling yourself. Anyways, I would really like to buy your hoodie, how can you prove me that you planted 5 trees on my behalf?