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To add onto this, the pomodoro technique is a great way of structuring this. Essentially, you do 25 min of work, 5 min break, rinse, repeat, and every hour or two, take a longer break. It can really help with procrastination because you sit down and say, ok, I'm going to do this thing for only 25 minutes. I can do anything for 25 minutes. That helps you get over the hurdle of sitting down and starting, and usually by the time you're 5-10 min in, you're in the flow. If you're not in the flow, you only have to struggle for 25 min before taking a break.

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It's hard for any adult, but really, you're in a great situation to make friends IF you're stranded with some cool people you'd like to be friends with. Likely everyone is as bored as you are, so it's the ideal time to strike up a conversation.

ETA: Just you know, read social cues. Some people may be too stressed out and not want to interact with others.

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Make some friends your age. And then make a movie or something

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Hell we even have all those factors in San Francisco (lots of Chinese, many middle class or higher, adventurous eaters of ethnic food, foodies, relatively cheap high quality produce), and according to my Chinese friends, we have nothing close to authentic Chinese food. Though we do have some damn good Chinese American food.

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Oh that's funny. It doesn't work for everyone. But it's helped me a lot in the past so for any chronic procrastinators, it's worth a shot.