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Why only one company taking Nestlé's place? Why can't it be many smaller ones? (I'll answer myself: The nature of capitalism, big fish eat smaller fish.)

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On the front-end side of the web, JavaScript rules though.

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the motor since all Chinese fakes basically have the honda 150 or 250

You mean Lifan, right?

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Do you own smart home devices? Or do you consider it too risky?

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A number of mistakes.

1) to try to make it look like Java instead of embracing its heritage (prototypal, that is) from Self, Scheme and Lua

2) to launch it prematurely (it famously took Eich 10 days)

3) to rebrand it as JavaScript (horrible name, it was originally named Mocha)

Also, any faults of the DOM or other Web APIs should not be blamed on JavaScript, which is often the case.