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Will there be any way to know if the vaccine is safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

I won't be pregnant anymore by the time they are developed, but things like this are extra scary for pregnant ladies.

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Thanks for sharing! I hadn't heard of you, but am interested in this subject. We've had failed gardens in the past few years due to deer and groundhogs and the like eating it all. We put up a decent fence this year and hope to be able to be less reliant on grocery stores. We also raise egg chickens and will doing our second foray into raising meat chickens.

Do you have any tips for raising chickens without using a lot of feed? We do a mobile coop because we have so many predators around, and they can't forage as well as we'd like them to be able to.

Also, for those interested, there's a yearly event in Oklahoma sponsored by the national wild turkey federation that encourages women to learn about the outdoors. The event is aptly named 'Women in the Outdoors.' You get to pick different classes to attend and learn all kinds of neat skills. The teachers volunteer their time and students pay for class materials.