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jmn_lab84 karma

  1. How was the documentary received in the FE community? - Do they think it is an honest portrayal or have they accused you of misrepresenting them?

  2. Related to the second part of the first question: If they feel misrepresented, are you afraid that this could cause a bigger rift between FE and others? (I am aware that you are trying to promote more understanding in the documentary, but I can imagine it could be viewed differently from another perspective).

  3. Did you ever have mixed feelings about what to show? I imagine that the person with the gyro (can't recall his name) got very upset when you showed the conversation about the experiment not working and he thought it was private. (Personally I think this is the best... We need to hear the honest statements like this... politicians would be so much easier to get a read on).

jmn_lab6 karma

Well it was kind of an excuse. It is true that the laser was very big, but it only covered the top half, so it kind of worked. They did do the second experiment with the light and the camera... That didn't give the desired result.

The response to that was "Interesting" and you might have thought that this would give an opportunity for reevaluation, however in the end during the credits, they said that there were weeds in the way and this skewed the result.

I cannot explain how weeds can redirect light in that fashion though.