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hi Dan! what was the funniest occasion where someone recognized you as the voice of Tina? was it in person, or was it on the phone and they thought you were prank calling them? related: have you ever prank called someone while pretending to be Tina? cheers!

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Hi John! What did you want to be when you were a kid? DFTBA

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what was the biggest challenge concerning the change in ownership?

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It's really good that you found a partner that supports the "mission" HaD stands for. Been following since 2007 and I must say that I was really queasy when I heard about the acquisition. Luckily it went really well. You've been doing an amazing job, keep it up! :)

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Well, there are two types of aerodynamic forces: Lift and drag. Lift is perpendicular to the air flow, and drag is parallel to it. The thing with windmills and sails is that they work mostly on drag. This is not efficient at all: more material is needed, and results in more wear and tear on the components.

Modern wind turbines work more like airplanes: a narrow airfoil creates the aerodynamic force lift and keeps it spinning.

Also: for a given airfoil (and give or take some viscous effects), aerodynamic forces (both lift and drag) depend on the surface area of the wing, but on the squared velocity of the approaching airflow. This means that a 2x increase in area will give you twice the force, but a 2x increase in velocity will give you 4 times as much force to keep the turbine spinning.