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I wanted to be a paleontologist up through getting my BS - I even minored in paleontology. I was discouraged by the seeming lack of jobs and wound up joining the military and am now getting a PhD in veterinary parasitology.

What is your most memorable experience during field work? Mine is getting kicked in the head by a foal and getting an ambulance ride to the ER, where I got six staples. I apologized profusely to my PI for getting blood on him.

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Not OP, but I did my high school senior project on being a paleontologist because, well, I wanted to be a paleontologist! I got some really neat opportunities for job shadowing that included hanging out with a really awesome professor in Rochester, NY for a week and getting a private tour of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. While at Carnegie, I got to go back into the collection rooms and touched a piece of the actual Tyrannosaurus rex skull. The teeth are massive, and it was probably one of the more memorable and awesome experiences of my life! The thought of it brings just as much excitement and feeling of "science is fucking amazing" today as it did eleven years ago.

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I got really interested in paleontology and dinosaurs after going to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh. I love that place!

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Her father is the CEO of an investment company that manages something like $50 billion in assets.

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I know that in some cases, there are officers that everyone wants gone. Officers who are reckless, dangerous, complete jackasses, etc. But they can't get rid of them unless they do something really bad because of the unions. It sucks for everyone.