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Thanks so much for doing this.

Every time Gerrymandering comes up in the SCOTUS, Scalia always likes to say something along the lines of "your argument doesn't show anything unconstitutional, however, I think there is an argument that can be made, it's just that none of you are making it."

What is he talking about?

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Hey Tatiana, first of all I would just like to tell you how in awe I am of your performance on Orphan Black. Your acting has achieved something that almost no actor is able to achieve, full emotional investment from the viewer. The only other person in recent memory whose really been able to achieve that is Bryan Cranston with Walter White. The way you give so much life, realism and nuance to each girl is just incredible, and it’s made me fall in love with all four of them, and genuinely feel bad for the fifth.

So I have a few questions, feel free to pick & choose:

  1. Do you think Beth still has a significant part to play in future events?

  2. We now know that the story arch will likely come to a close in season 5. Where do you see it going?

  3. I am of the generation cord-cutter. How can I support OB and get those numbers up while not having cable?

  4. 2 years of OB left, what’s next for you?

I know it’s been said so many times, and you’ve been so incredibly humble about it, but it’s a f**king joke with this whole Emmy snubs thing. Your performance is hands down the best on television.

P.S. Come by and say hi sometime to your friends over in /r/orphanblack

And for those who haven’t had the pleasure of watching it yet, I promise you, give it 60 seconds, that’s all it takes to hook you.

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I've never worked in security at an airport, but I've traveled internationally extensively.

Security wise, the quickest & most efficient airport I've been to is Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv. Their screening process actually takes place long before you arrive at the airport. They do background checks on every single person who sets foot on a plane in Ben Gurion, so they know ahead of time who they'll need to pull aside.

The most lax airport security was Ashgabat in Turkemenistan. I swear to god people had livestock just walking around with them in the airport, people were smoking everywhere, and if the metal detector went off, they'd just let you pass through--they wouldn't make you check your pockets again.

The most negligent airport security was Malpensa in Milan. I had a 14 hr layover in Milan, so my friend and I decided to go to the city for a few hours and have lunch and see a few sites. Let me tell you, there ain't shit to do in Milan on Christmas day. When we got back to the aiport, and I shit you not, we walked straight to our gate. No security, no nothing.

The most hardcore/anal retentive airport is hands-down London Heathrow. Now there is good historical reason for why London Heathrow doubled down on security, however I still find it mind numbingly absurd that when you simply touch down at Heathrow to change planes for another int'l flight, that you still have to go through TWO different security checkpoints. I cannot tell you how many times I've almost missed my connecting flight because of their insane security. The overpriced stores are at least a nice way to pass the time if you have a longer layover, but they don't make up for the fact that sometimes you don't find out what your gate is until 45 minutes prior to your flight.

The moral of the story is this: I have been in & out of Tel Aviv Ben Gurion over 45 times. It is the safest, most efficient airport in the world.

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Would be amazing. I've always wanted flashbacks for all clones, see how they were raised.

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So, I'll just come out and ask: thoughts on the tard blog? I miss it :/ it was so fucking funny.