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Hey Bill, I tried to say that we love you in a comment but it wasn't a question, so it got deleted. So I'll say it here.

My actual question: I'm one of the volunteer moderators of the official RiffTrax Twitch channel. Have you watched it much? You've joined us in chat a couple of times and it's been great to have you, but what do you think of it overall as a way to let people watch older RiffTrax together?

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I love this response!

First off, RiffTrax/MST seems to attract really nice people. The work of being a moderator is overall very easy. But we've also tried to use you guys as a model of the community we want to foster; snarky, but never mean.

I've set up a couple of commands that will help promote HATE MAIL in that channel; if you need anything else, don't hesitate to reach out, either here or on Twitch.

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Then you know to fear me! Muahahaha!