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jjustice7 karma

Hey Tommy. How are you? Do you remember that magazine ad of yours back in the day with the jeans that were ripped at the knees and I think maybe a letterman jacket? That was awesome. Please take another photo like this sometime in the future. Good luck on the Kickstarter!

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Hey Tommy, they finally found a way for the Genesis to do 5 FM + 4 PSG + 4 PCM @14 Khz playback. It's cool but obviously a decade or two too late. Do you wish you had this available to you back in the day?

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I remember the great exodus of... whatever year it was. 2001? 2002? Lots of people left because they didn't like the process of their mixes being judged... if I recall... and I should because I became a judge and a forum moderator for a bit but memory is a finicky thing. Anyway, do you know if anyone still holds a grudge against OCReMix from those days? From everything I'm seeing, everyone seems to be hunky-dory now which is definitely a good thing. Also when is the next DJ Pretzel and Fresh Greens comic due out?