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Adam - what do you want to be remembered for?

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Appreciate the honesty. Though you don't care, I hope you become less of an asshole.

From the WaPo article you linked - "For a time, he ran a website called 911wasfunny.com, where he made light of 9/11 and other tragedies. “September 11th was funny. If this offends you, you need to lighten up,” a passage on Rahuba’s website stated. “Those people deserved what they got, mostly because people from NY are pompous jerks.”

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In your answers you mention that the majority of new electricity generation in India is attributable to renewables. What do you think should be the role of the international system, if any, in reducing existing coal infrastructure?

India has the 5th largest coal reserves in the world. Have there have been any discussions about whether states like India should be paid to keep coal in the ground?

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The average worker in and around the city is poor and not educated. That means their biggest worry is whether they can afford food the next day, pay rent the next week, and pay utility bills for the month. This hierarchy of needs, one environmental advocate explained to me, stops those who are affected by pollution and likely soon climate change from thinking about the big problem

Have you spoken to anyone other than market liberals? This seems to frame development and environmentalism as fundamentally opposed to each other. I acknowledge that this line of thinking has long been accepted and mainstream dating back to the Bruntland report. But I'm curious if anyone you've spoken with has communicated a different perspective than the advocate you cite.