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Does it bother you when people say 'thank you for your service'? I am a veteran and I get tired of it, but I do not let them know I am tired of it. Seems like a cliched thing to say nowadays.

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What are two things that the general public would be surprised to learn about being in a drug study?

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What happens after the drug study? Since the drug is experimental, can you even get the drug to continue your treatment? Or do you go back to the previous drug that you were using?

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Follow up...is there really a humane way to kill chickens? How do you do it at your farm? I saw a local farm kill chickens by turning them upside down in a metal funnel/type device where their head and neck sticks out of the bottom and holds them there firmly. Then a worker takes a sharp knife to the throat and bleeds them out. Is that humane?

jjharryk5 karma

Your program kind of sounds like Make A Wish. Is it essentially doing the same thing?