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I am a merchandiser at Coca-Cola and I used to be a receiving clerk at Walmart. How do you feel about the receivers? Are they mostly aggravating or do they become your friends after awhile? My experience, on both ends, has always been the latter option, so I was curious if it was for others, too.

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That's pretty common for both. Some of our merchandisers are complete assholes. And some Walmart receivers are just looking for a reason to kick one of us out of their store. But there are great people. I had several vendors tell me that I was one of the most cheerful clerks they'd dealt with in several years. And the same has happened since I've been with Coke.

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If you have your CDL, you can apply for the plant in your area at pepsico.com. Click the Careers link and see what they have. From my understanding, the selection process is outsourced to a third party company, so even if you know someone who works at your area's branch, they wouldn't necessarily be able to pull strings for you.