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Hey guys, just a couple of questions.

  1. Question for both Head and Fieldy. Now that you're both Christians, is there any songs that you guys refuse to play because of the content(take Right Now or A.D.I.D.A.S as examples)?

  2. You guys are said to have been one of the bands that invented the Nu-Metal genre. How do you feel about that, since Nu-Metal seems to be reviled pretty widely amongst the metal community?

  3. Another one for Head. Any possibility of a Korn member appearing on a future Love and Death record?

By the way, loving the Paradigm shift. Easily the best Korn album in years.

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Hi guys, huge fan of Corner Gas.

Who is most like their character on the show?

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Is there any songs in particular that you enjoy playing live more than any others?

Fucking loving the new music so far, can't wait for the new album.